PFLUGER Single Malt Whiskey

PFLUGER Single Malt Whiskey

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Made in small, hand-crafted batches, PFLUGER Single Malt Whiskey has a nose that hints of banana bread, toasty wood and floral notes. Nuanced flavors of vanilla, nougat, dreamsicle, dark chocolate, and fresh banana & apple greet the palate; then depart with tastes of black pepper, cinnamon, & allspice—all ballasted by oak but not dominated by it. The finish is a very pleasant creamy mouthfeel, surprisingly smooth, with a wonderful fade.

  • Commemorative bottle available at the distillery

  • 750 ML

  • 92 Proof (46% abv)

  • Awarded Best In Category, Best American Single Malt, Best Texas Single Malt

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