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Shaun Siems, Founder

Our founder, Shaun Siems, was raised in Pflugerville, Texas. Shaun’s family has a legacy of small business ownership and he’d already decided early in life that he would want to start a business of his own.

An engineer by trade, you could often find Shaun home-brewing beer in his off hours—not atypical for a Texan. At 28, he and two friends were well into a night of testing some homebrew when they devised an idea for starting a distillery. They were just three guys working in high tech who wanted to follow their passion. Their goal: Create a top shelf whiskey. But, it had to be something that represented Texas.

“Let’s do it our way!”

Three years later, in 2009, their independent commercial distillery was born in a small industrial district in Pflugerville, Texas. Their centerpiece: A homemade 3-gallon still. Obviously, Spirit of Texas started as a labor of love. It wasn’t born out of deep pockets with the millions of dollars everyone said was necessary to go up against the stiff competition in Kentucky, Tennessee, Scotland and Ireland. It takes years to develop a new whiskey with lots of up-front research and development followed by years of aging before that first real taste of the finished product.

When faced with the high cost of distillery equipment, they studied the craft and being engineers by trade, they designed and built a pair of custom hybrid stills themselves. They also released spirits that could be brought to market immediately.

Their first spirit: Rum. They chose fine molasses because it’s made from the unsulfured juice of fully ripened sugarcane—the best there is. And after researching and experimenting with different yeasts, they settled on one they knew would be a winner. They experimented with different distillation cuts and ultimately chose to use only the best of the hearts. They never compromised.

But, “How can we make this more Texan? Throw in some shelled Texas pecans and age it.” There was no process for infusing rum with pecans, so they invented one. “We knew we had something when it smelled like a pecan pie.” That’s how Pecan Street Rum was born.

Our Founder

"Shaun Siems, owner of the Spirit of Texas distillery in Pflugerville, said



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