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Let's do it our way

With that simple thought, Spirit of Texas was born. We're three guys working in a high tech town that wanted to follow our passion for making great-tasting, premium-quality spirits available to everyone. When the high cost of commercial equipment got in the way, we said "Show us the plans for a still and we'll make it ourselves." When there was no process for infusing rum with Texas pecans to fit the flavor profile that we wanted, we invented one.

We now have two home-built stills: Betsy, and Bertha. We have two rum products and one of them has already won two awards, and we're planning other premium spirits in the future. We can't say when they'll be available, because we won't sell them until they taste perfect to the most discriminating palettes in the entire world: our own.

We do it right, or we don't do it at all. That's why everyone is entitled to our opinion.





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Our Founder


"Shaun Siems, owner of the Spirit of Texas distillery in Pflugerville, said his dream was to create top-shelf Texas whiskey, and now that dream is coming to fruition.

Siems began his distillery in 2009. The business produces two types of rum and recently began distributing its new line of whiskey. Spirit of Texas features a tasting room where visitors can buy the spirits.

Siems said he comes from a family of entrepreneurs and decided early in life that he would want to start a business of his own. At 28, Siems, an electrical engineer, and two friends were experimenting with home brewing and devised an idea for a distillery. Three years later, in 2009, their independent distillery was born with the use of a homemade, 3-gallon still. The company’s first product was named Pecan Street Rum.

“I thought, ‘How can we make this Texan?’ So we threw in some Texas pecan halves, and then, within two or three days, the rum was a bright, golden color,” he said. “And it smelled like a pecan pie.”

Since Siems also grew up in Pflugerville, he said Pecan Street Rum’s name also reflects his hope that the company will eventually relocate to the city’s downtown.

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