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The Biggest Little Distillery in Texas

Spirit of Texas Hand-Crafted Hybrid Stills

Among the oldest operating distilleries in Texas, we hand-craft small batch premium spirits of unwavering quality for the most discriminating palates in the entire world: our own! We never compromise on processes. We use only the finest ingredients. We even hand-built our own stills. We do it right, or we don't do it at all. We don’t cut corners and we don’t call it “done” until it tastes right to us.

Take your first taste and you’ll be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with us saying…


“everyone is entitled to our opinion”




Spirit of Texas ferments, distills, ages, bottles and sells:

  • Pfluger Single Malt Whiskey,

  • Pecan Street Rum, and

  • Spirit of Texas Straight Silver Rum.

Each of these award-winning spirits have taken on the very essence of what being a Texan is all about. They’re unique, have character, can stand on their own, and they deliver on what they promise. They’re all top shelf, but unpretentious and affordably priced to ensure everyone can enjoy a premium cocktail.

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Stop on by, spend an evening with us and become a part of our family.